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Interactive Dress Up! is a special interactive dress up game made with pixels, as released alongside Babysitting the Brat. As you know my past goes way back into the drag and drop territory. And I thought why not, for old times sake. Even though it had me pulling my hair out. Pixels and Flash do not mix well, but I eventually got through it. And I am very happy with the result. Features Gigi the Personality Girl & her brat of a cousin Mint. I got the idea for the character select screen from Mario Bros 2. So it's a little joke, like who do you want to select and so on. There is a limited amount of clothes, as I was busy working on BSTB, and making sure the story and text was 100% correct, so I had little time to work on this but there are a lot of clothes, and they all look different. The characters will tell you what they think of the outfits, yup they are a fussy bunch, but you don't have to take notice of them, mix and match as you please. Also to note, I packed the file before hand, and didn't notice that Flash files could just run on the site, so you'll have to download it manually and extract the Zip file.






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Published 1 year ago
Tags2016, 2D, Anime, Pixel Art, Retro, voice-acting
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls

Install instructions

The game is a SWF file and was made using Flash Cs5. It can open in your browser, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Flash Player & anything that opens SWF files. The file was run on Windows 8 and is virus free. Have fun! It can be extracted from the ZIP folder to your desktop, there is no password.


Interactive Dress Up by B.M.zip 370 kB